The characteristic Inn

The Locanda Tipica, our guests meeting place, has been obtained from the old cawsheds and the old wine cellar. It is constituted by different little rooms all of them with beam ceilings and some stone-made walls, they can receive a maximum of 50 persons. During the restoration works the animals fodder-tough have been renovated and used as comfortable seats while in the centre of the bigger hall it has been placed an ancient fire place, giving a warm and cosy atmosphere during winter evenings.

Our cuisine is with no doubt the feather in the hat of a holiday at Cerretino, it is not a case that it has received different awards among which the “Slow Food” and “Cuisine Italian Academy” ones. We propose a simple cuisine offering Umbria-Tuscany traditional dishes. You will be amazed by the genuine products we use, coming from our cultivations and farming or, when they miss, they are supplied by the farmhouses of this area. Every day it is a discovery of ancient tastes that are on the way to be lost: we still make hand-made pasta, focaccia bread, biscuits and cakes, we cook the meats in the old wood-burning oven and we propose season unique dishes which can not be found anymore, using herbs jealously preserved by Umbria countryside, as the wild chard, travellers-joys, field asparagus, salad burnet, nettle.

On the table they cannot miss, of course, the so many specialities that Umbria land offers: mushrooms, white and black truffle, Cannara red onions, Cascia saffron, Castelluccio lentils, the local pork butchery salami and cold pork meat. The bread is the Umbria-Tuscan traditional one without salt and it is often home-made. All the dishes are made just before serving them with fresh food to ensure the best quality and taste. We propose every day a different menu to satisfy all guests’ curiosities and tastes, we propose completely vegetarian menus too and some dishes for coeliacs.

We serve our “black wine”, a strong and structured red wine, made with mixed grapes containing a bigger percentage of Sangiovese, that can be very well paired with sauces, roasted or savoury grilled meats, or our “white wine” ideal when served chilled during summer hot evenings. We use to offer our guests a small glass of grappa or limoncello at the end of the meal.